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Since its foundation in 1969, MIVV has distinguished itself as a benchmark in the production of exhaust systems for motorbikes, scooters and off-road vehicles.

With an unwavering dedication to quality and unique sound, MIVV represents pure Italian style in premium exhausts for exclusive motorbikes.


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Más información sobre MIVV

MIVVa Journey to Excellence in Motorcycle Exhaust Systems at BeRacing1

From humble beginnings in 1969, MIVV it has evolved to become a global benchmark in the manufacture of motorbike exhaust systems.

At BeRacing1, we are proud to partner with this brand, whose essence lies in the constant pursuit of innovation and exceptional design. Each exhaust system, carefully selected for its cutting-edge materials and captivating design solutions, offers not only superior performance but also an inimitable sound that resonates in the hearts of two-wheel enthusiasts.

Authentic Italian styling that fuses design and performance in an unparalleled way means that each exhaust system not only delivers exceptional performance, but also adds a distinctive touch to every bike, representing the Italian passion and craftsmanship that transforms every ride into a unique experience.

Exhaust highlights MIVV

  1. Continuous innovation: These exhaust systems are constantly looking for new materials and technologies to stay at the cutting edge.
  2. Inimitable sound: Each MIVV exhaust system offers a unique sound that adds authority to your engine and excitement to every ride.
  3. Global presence: These products reach more than 40 countries, demonstrating our global presence.
  4. Commitment to quality: Every detail is carefully considered to deliver the highest quality products.
  5. Sporting partnership: MIVV 's experience of racing motorbikes worldwide directly influences the development of superior quality products.

Exhaust lines MIVV


Road exhausts from MIVV are available in a wide range of models, each with its own design and features. Some of the most popular models are:

Dakar: This is a classic looking exhaust with a rally bike inspired design.

Delta Race: It has a sporty design, with a more aggressive sound.

Double Gun: It has two outlets, offering a more powerful sound.

Ghibli: Its minimalist design blends with a softer sound.

GP: It is a high performance exhaust, designed for racing motorbikes.


Off-road exhausts from this brand are designed for optimum performance in off-road conditions. They are stronger than road exhausts, and are made from lightweight materials to reduce the weight of the bike.

X-Cone: A compact, bass sounding pipe.

X-M1: A modern exhaust design, with a sportier sound.

X-M5: For high performance or competition bikes.


Universal exhausts from MIVV are a good choice for older or second-hand motorbikes. They are exhausts that can be fitted to any bike, without the need for modifications to the original exhaust system.

SR-1: Classic design with a moderate sound.

STR-1: This is a sports exhaust with a more aggressive sound.

These systems are made of high quality materials such as stainless steel, carbon and titanium.


Mufflers are a good option for bikes that already have a full exhaust system. They offer a more discreet sound than a full exhaust, without sacrificing performance.

Suono: A sporty design muffler, with a more aggressive sound.

Urban: With a softer sound, this exhaust system is designed in a more minimalist way.

MIVV and BeRacing1: Where excitement and performance merge with every kilometre ridden.